BioAct 280 Wax Remover

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12-011 36 pound bucket $575.00

This is the dewaxer to use if you must adhere to the certifications for GE Aviation, Honeywell Process Spec., or Pratt & Whitney.  Otherwise, we believe that our SP-28 product will do the same job.  Unlike SP-28, we do not always keep BioAct in stock so delivery might be delayed by a week or two.

BioAct must be warmed close to the melting point of the wax to work effectively.  It will hold 40% of it's weight in wax before it is considered exhausted.  BioAct is considered non-hazardous and does not emit fumes.

Download a copy of the Operators Manual .  This will provide a lot of information on how BioAct 280 is used in a production environment.

The latest copy of the SDS can be downloaded here.

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