Rigidax Tooling & Fixturing Wax

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Rigidax 24-12 GRN50 24-12 Green 50 pound box $399.95
Rigidax 24-12 GRN 10 24-12 Green 10 pound box $89.95
Rigidax 24-12 GRN SAMPLE 24-12 Green 1 pound sample pack $19.95
Rigidax 23-8 GRN 50 23-8 Green 50 pound box $399.95
Rigidax 23-8 GRN 10 23-8 Green 10 pound box $89.95
Rigidax 23-8 GRN SAMPLE 23-8 Green 1 pound sample pack $19.95
Rigidax 24-12 BLU 50 24-12 Blue 50 pound box $399.95
Rigidax 24-12 BLU 10 24-12 Blue 10 pound box $89.95
Rigidax 24-12 BLU SAMPLE 24-12 Blue 1 pound sample pack $19.95
Rigidax 23-8 BLU 50 23-8 Blue 50 pound box $399.95
Rigidax 23-8 BLU 10 23-8 Blue 10 pound box $89.95
Rigidax 23-8 BLU SAMPLE 23-8 Blue 1 pound sample pack $19.95
Rigidax WS 50 WS (Water Soluble) 40 pound box $319.95
Rigidax WS 10 WS (Water Soluble) 10 pound box $89.95
Rigidax WS SAMPLE WS (Water Soluble) 1 pound sample pack $19.95

Rigidax tooling compound is a castable, thermoplastic material. lt has been designed to stabilize, support or hold parts that are otherwise difficult to fixture. It is melted to fluid form and then poured in or around the part. After machining, the Rigidax compound can be melted out and the parts are cleaned. There are several blends of Rigidax that have been designed for various applications.





Rigidax 24-12 Green - Includes a powdery fiberglass material that aids in holding parts more securely. This is the most often used version.

Rigidax 24-12 Blue - Same as the green version but without the fiberglass filler material.  More gentle on delicate parts but won't hold quite as well as the green. Usually used when grinding optics.

Rigidax WS - A water soluble version of Rigidax.  Easy to clean up the parts but not quite as hard as the blue and green versions.  Disolves after a few minutes of contact with warm water. Does not work well in machining operations that spray coolant on the material.


Green Rigidax does contain some powdery material to increase its holding abilities.  The melted material must be stirred to prevent separation of the filler material. If you don't have a constant agitation system, you must stir it frequently... like you would stir paint. The blue Rigidax is the same blend of wax but without the fibrous material. Rigidax is typically melted and held at temperatures between 230-250 degrees F. Parts should be preheated to get the best results and a tight hold. Rigidax can be reused by adding new material to make up for what was lost from the previous process.

SDS or MSDS Sheets:

Rigidax 24-12 GREEN

Rigidax 23-8 GREEN

Rigidax 24-12 BLUE

Rigidax 23-8 BLUE

Rigidax WS (Water Soluble)


When you are finished working with your part and want to remove the Rigidax, you can reheat the part and remove the bulk of the wax.  The wax can be re-used multiple times.  You'll then be left with what looks like a coating of cheap paint on your part that will have to be removed.  You can remove the residual wax by mechanical means, a hot oil dip, or the advanced SP-28 Precision Cleaner that is shown as a Related Item at the bottom of this page.

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This product should not be considered as a replacement for the machinable waxes that are sold elsewhere on our site. Rigidax is designed to hold and stabilize parts. It can not produce the fine detail like our regular machinable waxes do when machined.

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