SP-28 Wax Remover

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14-011 32 ounce sample $49.95
14-012 36 pound bucket $339.00
14-022 400 pound drum $2,895.00

SP-28 Is the most effective and cost efficient way to remove wax that we know of.  It is much safer to use than other dewaxing products, is considered non-hazardous, and can be shipped by normal UPS.  SP-28 can be used on multiple parts and can hold as much as 40% of its content in wax before it is considered exhausted.

To be most effective, SP-28 should be heated to a temperature near the melting point of the wax that it is removing.  Agitation will help it work a lot faster.  In our tests, a metal gear with a heavy coating of Rigidax was cleaned in about two and a half minutes.  Parts will usually come out of the SP-28 bath cleaner than they were before the wax went on.

You can download a detailed Users Guide here:

  SP-28 Users Guide

You can download the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) here:

  SP-28 SDS


SP-28 should generally not be heated above 260F degrees for normal use.


Please call to confirm the shipping price for the 400 pound drum.  Due to the weight of this product our website may not correctly calculate the true cost.

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