Machinable Casting Wax 10 lb slab

Price: $54.90
SKU Color Price Qty.
88-RED MCW Red $54.90
88-UND MCW Undyed $54.90

The properties of this machinable casting wax are closer to a traditional casting wax.  The melt point of 71C is much lower than our other machinable waxes.  The viscosity is also much lower allowing for quick evacuation of the wax at meltout.  If you  have worked with lost wax casting before and are being challenged with the higher viscosity and melting temperatures of our other machinable waxes then 2-U660 may be a good choice.  You can normally use the same process as you would in a typical casting wax application.

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The Details...

Due to the popularity of this product, we now carry it in both the standard red color and an undyed version.  This wax is sold in a 10 pound slab.  The dimensions of a 10 pound slab are roughly 1.5" x 11.5" x 18" +/- 0.25"

Other sizes may be available when purchased in quantity.  Contact us directly if you need an alternate size.

2-U660 has a congealing point between 140 & 148°F, but should be melted to 200/250°F, poured into an insulated mold and allowed to cool. During machining no lubricant should be used, but air should be kept on the tool to carry off chips and keep the tool cool.