Machinable Wax for Roland DWX-4 Fixture 40mm x 75mm, Pack of 12

Price: $49.95
SKU Wax Formula Thickness Price Qty.
85-164075 F-14 GREEN 16mm Thick $49.95
85-224075 F-14 GREEN 22mm Thick $49.95
80-164075 ORANGE+ 16mm Thick $49.95
80-224075 ORANGE+ 22mm Thick $49.95
81-164075 F-99 ARCTIC 16mm Thick $49.95
81-224075 F-99 ARCTIC 22mm Thick $49.95

Machinable Wax blocks sized for the Roland DWX-4 factory supplied fixture.  These sizes may fit other machines as well.  Block sizes are 40mm x 75mm and then choose your desired thickness. 

Priced as a package of 12 pieces.

Waxes are available in the ORANGE+ formula and the F-99 Arctic formula.  The F-99 Arctic formula has the additional advantage of being compatable with conventional "additive" waxes with lower melt points than machinable wax.  If you are not concerned about adding more wax to a machined part then the ORANGE+ wax would be a great choice.

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More information about the differences between ORANGE+ and the F-99 Arctic wax is available on our technical page.