Price: $24.95 - $64.95
SKU Disk Thickness Package Quantity Free Shipping? Price Qty.
81-09820RZ3 20mm Pack of 3 YES $64.95
81-09822RZ3 22mm Pack of 3 YES $64.95
81-09825RZ3 25mm Pack of 3 YES $64.95
81-09830RZ3 30mm Pack of 3 YES $64.95
81-09820RZ1 20mm Single Piece YES $24.95
81-09822RZ1 22mm Single Piece YES $24.95
81-09825RZ1 25mm Single Piece YES $24.95
81-09830RZ1 30mm Single Piece YES $24.95

This wax is made for milling upper / lower denture try-ins.  Unlike 3D printing, you can easily modify the model before the final run.  The F-99 formula works well with additive waxes and the color is realistic.

So... How is this used in a typical lab?

After getting a model, based on the impression of a patient's arch, the models are oriented on an articulator.  This will be digitalized as well, so the denture teeth can be designed digitally.  The wax base and wax teeth would be milled strictly as a prototype for try-in purposes.  After trying them in, changes may be made and then a final model could be printed out of the final design on a 3D printer.

Suggestion... consider carefully before choosing the 20mm thickness.  This may be a bit tight for most millings.

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