Price: $24.95 - $64.95
SKU Disk Thickness Package Quantity Free Shipping? Price Qty.
81-09820RZ3 20mm Pack of 3 YES $64.95
81-09822RZ3 22mm Pack of 3 YES $64.95
81-09825RZ3 25mm Pack of 3 YES $64.95
81-09830RZ3 30mm Pack of 3 YES $64.95
81-09820RZ1 20mm Single Piece NO $24.95
81-09822RZ1 22mm Single Piece NO $24.95
81-09825RZ1 25mm Single Piece NO $24.95
81-09830RZ1 30mm Single Piece NO $24.95

This wax is made for milling upper / lower denture try-ins.  Unlike 3D printing, you can easily modify the model before the final run.  The F-99 formula works well with additive waxes and the color is realistic.

Suggestion... consider carefully before choosing the 20mm thickness.  This may be a bit tight for most millings.

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