Cylinder 4" (103mm) diameter x 14" (355mm) long

Price: $42.00 - $48.00
SKU Wax Formula Length Price Qty.
19-04014 BLUE 14" (355mm) $42.00
20-0414 ORANGE+ 14" (355mm) $48.00
25-0414 F-14 GREEN 14" (355mm) $48.00

Machinable wax cylinder available in F-14 GREEN or standard BLUE, 4.0" (103mm) diameter x 14" (355mm) long. 


We recommend our F-14 GREEN only if you are milling with a very small diameter cutter, typically less than 0.50" (1.5MM) diameter.  The F-14 Green will be manufactured with our advanced "MicroFine" process which will provide a better surface finish after machining.

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